My story

My journey began at the hospital for what I thought was the routine birth and delivery of my sixth child, He was a healthy baby boy and no sooner than I held him in my arms I found myself being immediately rushed to emergency.

I was hemorrhaging. When I awoke, I looked out the window to see green grass growing where snow covered the ground only yesterday, or so I thought! It was actually close to two months later!

As I became conscious I learned that I had almost died! I had been given a 1% chance of living, 140 units of blood and even my last rites. While I was unconscious my family and friends surrounded me and had reactions all the way from lighting candles and creating prayer circles to planning my funeral.

Surrounded By Miracles was born to help you through any crisis you may face in your life. By actually experiencing the emotions and the feelings that I went through you get a sense of how you can handle a crisis before it comes up by simply filling out the journal pages at the end of each chapter.

You'll learn from those who were there at my time of crisis, and bring you to the nine simple words that brought me back to life from a deep sleep. "Honey don?t worry, I'll take care of the kids." continue reading

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