8 tips to suggest for kids
  1. paint pictures do art...airplaine
  2. write poems and cards, crafts
  3. talk about their feelings and/or worries..
  4. talk gently about what happened
  5. be their friend...the same level, not above
  6. love them and understand even if they may be acting up
  7. not to underestimate what they are sensing as far as the situation.
  8. birthday parties etc. celebrate special occasions...they are anchors
4 things for significant other
  1. Always have a backup plan for when and if something happens
  2. a will and enduring power of attorney and a living will
  3. plan for who would take care of the kids, house and business
  4. know how they would plan and manage without you or injured person
Top 11 things to help a person who is in crisis
  1. be sensitive to their space and their way of dealing with things
  2. ask them how you can help ... don't assume
  3. take the kids to do something fun for a bit
  4. bring only positive energy into the room
  5. support the people supporting the sick person
  6. take care of yourself you need to be the best you, you can be
  7. offer shelter ... necessities that can be over looked (shower)
  8. explain to children ... keep in the loop
  9. pray whether you believe or not
  10. do creative things, paint, draw pictures, sing..find the positive joys of life
  11. journal your thoughts and feelings
The 5 f's
  1. Faith
  2. family
  3. friends
  4. fitness
  5. finance
5 types of friends     (Who are your five?)
  1. Unconditional supporter ... mom
  2. Brutally honest ... bill
  3. Devils advocate ... nancy
  4. Misery loves company - anna
  5. Intellectual stimulator ... jim (creative mind)

6 ways to emotionally take care of sick person
  1. be sensitive to their space
  2. bring healthy food if possible and drink
  3. be sensitive to the flowers and perfume and candy
  4. offer alternative comfort, i.e. massage etc, hand holding, hair brushing
  5. tell them the truth, don't sugar coat things!!! Its your body, you have a right to know.
  6. Never assume that if someone is unconscious they cant hear you!

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